Employing Nature’s Solutions for Better Water

Moss Filter for SpaBerry

Moss Filter for SpaBerry

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. — February X, 2009 — An innovative new spa manufactured [not manufactured in Canada ?] and now sold in Canada utilizes a Minnesota company’s ground breaking discovery of an all-natural solution to condition its water using a species of sphagnum moss in a new product launch this year. The SpaBerry ( ) is a newly designed colorful, portable, luxury spa sold at an affordable price. Oval-shaped and coming in six different natural berry colors, complete with LED lighting, The SpaBerry is ideal for two people and holds 125 gallons of water that is conditioned by Creative Water Solution’s ( BerryPure (IS THIS ACCURATE??). Best of all just like an appliance The SpaBerry plugs straight into a conventional mains socket !

The revolutionary new SpaBerry system and the first truly green and award-winning BerryPure are being sold only in appliance stores. According to David Knighton, Co-Founder of Creative Water Solutions (CWS) and the man who discovered the moss’ conditioning effect in water, it was a strategic business arrangement that naturally makes sense.

“Serving as the OEM to condition water for The SpaBerry was the perfect alignment of a smart marketing concept and a practical, environmentally safe product for the new home spa unit,” Knighton says. “SpaBerry owners can reduce the amount of expensive and harmful chemicals they use—and their maintenance time—by half or more, and enjoy their spa experience without the irritating side effects like burning eyes, dry skin and hair, and sanitizer odors. Plus BerryPure is 100% biodegradable: Once you replace it, you can recycle the old BerryPure moss filter right in your garden.”

“At SpaBerry we are determined to offer products that are user-friendly, green and fun to own. By partnering with CWS, SpaBerry achieves these goals in spades!” exclaims Jeff Knight, Director of Sales in Alberta, Canada.“When we developed the SpaBerry, we wanted to ensure that our customers could more easily take care of their water by changing it less often and enjoying it more. When we met the people at CWS we knew instantly that there was a fit for our products. Both companies are destined to change the way the world goes hot tubbing Combining the CWS water conditioning products and labeling them BerryPure to go along with our tag line — ‘Natural as a Berry!’ — our customers can now bath in softer water with less chemical additives.”

About The SpaBerry

The SpaBerry is new home appliance for the 21st century, for anytime usage, any place and in any weather. It’s the most portable and colorful two-person spa ever created and with BerryWrap customers can customise the appearence of their SpaBerry from either a range of high resolution vistas or by sending in their own 600DPI image. People are buying The SpaBerry for the fun look and color of the product, its appliance-like portability and ultimately its overall ease of use with our BerryPure product from CWS. An appliance that is easy to own and operate, The SpaBerry works right out of the gate and give its owner the most enjoyment with low maintenance and cost of ownership.

About Creative Water Solutions and SpaNaturally

Creative Water Solutions, LLC currently offers two products for the pool and spa industries called PoolNaturally® and SpaNaturally®, using a species off moss that has been keeping northern Minnesota lakes and other water bodies around the world clear and clean for eons.

Besides winning over disbelieving dealers, manufacturers and pool and spa owners, these breakthrough products have been getting increasingly strong media attention on television, radio and in newspapers and magazines. Watch an in-depth television story about PoolNaturally on a CBS affiliate, WCCO-TV, in the Twin Cities:

Awards To Date

Both CWS products (and their creators) have been recognized for innovation:

2008 Best Practice in Innovation and Technology — Upsize Magazine
2006 Innovator of the Year, Dr. David Knighton — Finance and Commerce

The moss in its natural state in New Zealand before it is compressed
packaged and shipped to North America for use in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.

Minnesota Spa & Hot Tub Veteran Service Provider Says Moss The Best Product in 25 Years!

“In my 30 years in the spa and hot tub industry, I’ve seen a lot of new products come along that claim to be effective, or natural and usually they have very limited benefits or turn out to be snake oil, but SpaMoss is an effective new product that’s not snake oil,” says Steve McFarland, the proprietor of McFarland Hotwater Technology in the Twin Cities area. “I have used this product in my own spa for three years, I love it. SpaNaturally is number one on my list of the best spa products available in the last 25 years. Since using the SpaMoss in my system, there’s been no foam in my hot tub for three years!” he exclaims. “Sometimes at night, the water in my hot tub is so clear you have to touch it to make sure it’s there. That’s how effective this product really is.”

For more information— or to interview the principals about The SpaBerry/BerryPure development — please contact Martin Keller at Media Savant Communications Co., 612-729-8585,